Aercamp is one of the biggest companies in Brazil in the segment of aerosol packaging

Understanding our clients’ demands. This is one of the pillars of Aercamp, and that is the way, since 1968, that we manage to conquer our clients day after day, focusing our attention on their needs. 

Aerosol packaging for the cosmetic, dermocosmetic and household cleaning segments 

We help with personalized and competitive solutions for the success of your product. Be a part of the clients that trust our services.

Institucional Video

A little on our History

Watch the institutional video and learn more about our history. Aercamp was founded in 1968, in the market of aerosols, and we have always trusted in the future of the Brazilian aerosol.

Year after year, it has innovated in its technologies and it increased its installed capacity, in order to provide to its clients the highest quality in packaging for cosmetics, dermocosmetics, and household cleaning items.


Aercamp produces in its industrial park all types of products in aerosol, hairspray, hydroalcoholic deodorants, antiperspirant deodorants, body mousse or body crackling, aftershave, hair mousse, fragrant water spray, foam and shaving gel, air fresheners, massage oil in spray, body spa care lines, pedicare lines, among others.

Packaging of household cleaning items, such as: air freshener, fragrant water spray for fabrics, among others.

Packaging of cosmetics, such as: hydroalcoholic and antiperspirant deodorants, body mousse, foam and shaving gel, hair mousse, hair spray, among others.

Packaging of dermocosmetics, such as: solar filters, saline spray, thermal water, finisher hair spray, among others.

Aercamp’s Distinguishing Features

Aercamp bases its values on the following topics:

To cherish the various cultures, to aim at the essential and to eliminate waste, working with respect to the environment. Through these values, we always produce bearing in mind the environment that provides us with oxygen, water and other natural resources. We invest in the human being, building partnerships in order to be co-responsible for the social development of the community through our collaborators and their families – who receive all of our attention.


Stay on top of the events involving Aercamp.

September 7th parade

The children from the futsal team from Campo Limpo Paulista participated in the September 7th parade with uniforms given by the company.

Sipatma – Theme: recycling

The Sipatma event organized by Aercamp has recycling as its theme. The objects in the pictures were made with materials that are 100% recyclable, including a wedding gown made of paper.

Donation and Afternoon Tea – Cidade Vicentina

Afternoon tea and diaper donation for Cidade Vicentina, in the city of Jundiaí. 

Packaging Award “Feras da Embalagem”

We received the title of FERAS DA EMBALAGEM in 2012. That title was given to Aercamp by PACKING COSMÉTICA magazine, demonstrating the quality and the trust dedicated to our services by our clients.

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