Packaging quality, technology, and innovation

Since 1968 we are in the aerosol market. Aercamp has always believed in the future of the Brazilian aerosol; it introduced new technologies and increased its installed capacity, in order to provide its clients with the highest quality in packaging for cosmetics. This is a family company, founded by Antal e Ida Almásy. We are a company that gains its strength from years of experience and know-how.

Aercamp has changed a lot in these last few years: we became one of the biggest companies for aerosol packaging in the country. We helped develop new products and we are always searching for new technologies in order to innovate.

Our new facilities are in the final stage of construction; the new machines will be in position before the end of the year and a team is being trained to produce with the known and proven quality of our company. It will be another big challenge; this attitude highlights our commitment and resolution for treading new paths, in addition to representing a great potential for business.

Winning challenges has become a very rewarding experience for us. We carried out a relevant organizational shift; we created new corporational structures and reinforced the existing ones, always with the aim of providing support, efficiency and speed to the productive processes and new projects.

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Company policy

•Tradition: since 1968 in the Brazilian market 
• Leadership in franchises, wholesales and home sales. 
• Transport of raw material and aerosol packaging
• Constant investment in new Technologies 
• Quality assured by process of production and control 
• "Just in time": flexibility in serial production: 10,000 to 100,000 units per shift.  
• Commitment with safety and the environment 
• Responsibility, ethics and transparency in business

“You create your own universe along the way”. Winston Churchill


- Understanding client demands
- Implementation of personalized and competitive solutions in terms of quality, cost and time to market
- Innovation of products and commitments in order to satisfy and anticipate customer expectations 


- To be a reference in service and packaging of aerosol with quality, ethics, agility and precision 


- To respect people’s dignity
- To value the essential and eliminate waste
- To work with respect to the environment
- To develop partnerships and to be co-responsible for the social development of the community
- To align speech and action towards respect, seriousness, innovation, objectivity, partnership and flexibility.

Aercamp and its history

Founded in 1968 by Mr. Antal Almásy (Hungarian citizen naturalized Brazilian and raised in the country since 1962). Ever since, it produces and collaborates with the growing segment of aerosol products for the market. Abides by the principle of social responsibility in its relations to the neighbors, its collaborators, providers and all other participants in the chain. We manufacture products that do not attach the environment, with intelligence, innovation and know-how. Ever since, Aercamp became one of the biggest companies in Brazil in the segment of aerosol packaging, with a responsibility to serve national and international clients in the markets of cosmetics and household cleaning items. 

Based on the knowledge that being happy is the shortest path to get where you want, the Aercamp Family seeks satisfaction in its work.

Happiness and success are the results of this work.